BulutCRM is a hosted service of Microsoft Dynamics CRM (customer relationship management) application. Once you subscribe in, you can start using the system within minutes.

The service is given in two different model; Standad and Tailored BulutCRM.

Standard BulutCRM:

This is the model covers all out of the box functuality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Manage your customers starting from the very first point of meeting and up to customer services.

It provides:

Lead management

Customer management

Activity management

Campain management


Target and quota track

Contract track

Customer service

Report wizard


Ad/Hoz querry

Tailored BulutCRM:

Tailored BulutCRM is the platform served where you can modify Microsoft Dynamics CRM dependig on company needs. While only one department’s processes can be developed, whole company processes can be developed by BulutCRM as well. To enhance your business it can fully be customised to deliver complex requirements.

Beside customer relationship management, it serves the platform to make manage suppliers, sales team, partners, products or any value of the company.