Cloud Computing

Sharing computing resources over a network can be defined as cloud computing. Or this definition can be extended to as transforming “Managable Services” into an artchitecture where computing resources reached on demand, are hosted on a shared and customizable platform.

Indeed, “Cloud” is a service way rather than being a product. In the first years Cloud Computing concept has arisen, researches show these facts:


Majority of the companies using cloud services are small sized associates

User numbers are between 5-50.

The ones using cloud services decleared that they did not used any CRM tool or application before at all.

The ones hwo decide to use cloud services are mainly outsiders of computer technologies.

Recent researches show that the vision of cloud computing has changed and even large sized companies head towards cloud services nowadays. Meanwhile, the cloud service providers are expected to change their KPIs of sales and service production perfomance, as market demands grow. Below can be given as some examples of these KPIs:

Return of marketing costs (ROI)

Growing according to income type

Cost of gaining new customer

Period of holding customer

dFlora is a certified by BTK (Information and communicaation Technologies Authority)  as a cloud provider.

Software as a Service

Platform as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service

dflora Cloud Computing Product:

BulutCRM, GMOfisim, SATWin, Pigeon, Data Quality are some of our products we serve on cloud platform. Our clients can get these solutions either associated to each other or independatly. While you can manage your clients on CRM you can unify, clean or enrich your customer data with Trillium Software and you can fix your address data with Pigeon. From one point, you can manage users without struggling on how to integrate these platforms.

The properties of our cloud services are:

High Security: We garatee the security of data, which is the prime concern of our customers, with the architecture we set up on our cloud systems. Meanwhile, the access to our each soluiton on cloud are gathered via secure SSL certified pages. Users can only act with privileges assigned to him/her and can only access the systems with his/her unique user name and password.

Automated Back-up; All data on our servers is scheduled to baked-up daily and automatically.

High Performance & Access Level; We guarantee a 99% accessibility on our SLAs. dFlora’s cloud service works on our servers which run on a cluster architecture with network load balancing. By this way dFlora achieves high accessibility levels in case of service interruptions planned or un-planned.

The connection carried out to our servers with fiber-optic lines supports our high service performance.