GMOfisim is our product developed to meet the needs of real estate sector and allows customer and property management.

Real estate sector has been going through a tramendous change recently in Turkey. Old fashioned agents leaving their place to new sector experts who are well educated, modern and experienced in their subject. Real estate offices who want to grow in the sector need to keep up with the changes and they should renew their technological sub-structure accordingly. Using recent technology becomes compulsary in order to increase the productivity and profitability of the offices and to supply faster, correct and high quality service to customers. GMOfisim is a tool designed for real estate offices to acive their this goal.



♦ Unified; Customer, property, text messege, e-mail, customer requests, offer, viewing, ect are all tracked related to each other and within the same application.

♦ Familiar interface; Interface looks like very much Microsoft Outlook and Excel, which makes user adaptation easy and fast. On desire it can be fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook and can be used inside Outlook.

♦ Web based; As long as there is internet, connection can be attained from any where and any time. It is compatible with many browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari.

♦ Mobile; If you need to work while you are on the field, mobile application is available.

♦ Offline; It gives the opportunity to reach your data via Microsoft Outlook even there is no internet connection.

♦ Secure; Connection to GMOfisim is accesed with SSL certified pages in internet. Data is stored in a higly secured environment and backed-up automatically. System is monitored continiously to make sure it is working.

  • Customer management
  • Property management
  • Request management
  • Ready to use forms and contracts
  • Offers
  • Automated reminders
  • Web site templates
  • Sector based reports