Address data in corporations data base is generally messy and not in a structural form because in Turkey there is no standard to form an address. This situation resuls in many undelivered mail returns and of course puts a hidden but big cost for companies producing client documents in batch like banks, telecomunication and insurance companies. For logistic companies, address complexity makes their distribution planning almost impossible. Besides, unstructural address data prevents producing reports in analitic CRM.

People in big cities usually don’t know or either don’t care district name where they live. Sometimes address is specified as giving a direction and telling a neighbourhood which is only a contextual information but not a structural part of address data. These type of addresses result in an unreliable and difficult to analyse database. Definition of neighbourhood changes from one to another and it does not have any boundaries either. Istanbul Taksim, Karakoy or Ankara Kızılay are some good examples for neigbourhoods in Turkey.

People when giving their addresses, sometimes use borough and district names which are close and socio-economically better than actually they live. This contributes problems for mail/post distribution companies, logistic and execution proceedings. Unfortunatelly because of these problems it is not possibel to carry out residental based analytical CRM or planning.

Pigeon is develop to overcome the problems specied above. Some features of Pigeon can be mentioned as:







Adding post code


Our service analyse the address requested by either internet or local servers and returns the result online to the user.

Why choose Pigeon;

Undelivered return rates will be decreased.

Post codes will be updated easyly and database inquiry will be very fast.

It will prevent entry of maliciously given address data.

Client-location relation can be set up and analysed easly, resulting in good distribution planning.

Family members relations can be found out. People living in the same address can be revealed.

It can be integrated to any system with new generation applications.

Pigeon, with its high performance, can process 20.000.000 address data in one day on a single server.

GeoMarketing dFlora

dFlora has developed applications to analyse data visually after developing its product family to cleanse geographical data and convert into analyzable form. Our geomarketing tools allow coustomers to analise their clients geopraphical data like service points.